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Idioms for IELTS

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Idioms for IELTS

So if you want to get a higher score in your IELTS Speaking exam, you will need to include at least 1 idiom. It will need to be used correctly / appropriately, so you may need to practise a few that can be used in different situations.



This week I’ll suggest some idioms that could be used if you want to express something about remembering. This could be useful in Part 1 questions where you might be asked to recall something about your past or some details about your country, or Part 2 where you are describing an event where someone forgot something important.

So here are some idioms and how you might use them in different situations.



If my memory serves me well

This is used when you are trying to accurately recall some details but you are suggesting there may be a little chance you haven’t remembered correctly.



What goods or produce does your country export?

If my memory serves me well, my country’s main exports  are rice as well as some textiles.



It slipped my mind

This is where you admit that you have forgotten something, such as a plan or detail.


Describe a situation where you made a mistake.

One time my family were going to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, but somehow it slipped my mind, and it wasn’t until I got a phone call from my sister asking where I was that I realised my mistake!


In your mind’s eye

Where you can visualise something in your head, so you see it in your mind’s eye.


What job would you like to do in the future?

Well, in my mind’s eye I see myself as the CEO of a major manufacturing company.


A senior moment

This is where you might have a sudden forgetful moment, which is common in older people. It is used in a humorous way, especially if the person is quite young.


Describe a memorable journey you took.

When we arrived at the train station, I gave the tickets, only to be told that we were a day early. I joked with my friend that I was had had a senior moment!



Have you heard that elephants never forget? 😉


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