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IELTS Speaking Practice Questions Part 3

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IELTS Speaking Practice Questions Part 3


There are many different types of questions that can be asked in IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions, such as ones that look to the past, ones that look to what is happening now and some which consider how things could change in the future. Other questions might consider moral or ethical ideas or concepts and expect you to give an opinion or show some knowledge of a subject.

It is always useful to be able to talk about people and how we see them.


Here are two ethical questions.

People generally judge each other just by their appearance without knowing them. Do you think this is true? Why/Why not? Do you do this yourself?


How important is it to have friends in a new country? What are the best ways to make friends? Why?



Answering this question needs some understanding first.


What does it mean to ‘judge’ someone?

Can you think of some situations, maybe recently in the world news, where people have reacted to others purely based on what they look like?

What are some benefits of having friends from other countries?

Do you have friends from other countries? How did you meet and become friends? Would you change that?

Do you think different countries will change their attitudes to each other soon? Or never? Why?

What would you do if you were a leader of a country where this was a big problem?


Each of these answers should allow you to bring in different tenses and sentence structures to show off the harder structures and get you higher marks.

rubix cube challenge google


What future tenses could you include?

What if you start a sentence, ‘By 2050, ……….

Can anyone suggest how to include a scrumptious second conditional at the end of this answer?

If I were President of the United States, ………………

If I could change the world, …………………..



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