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Happy IELTS Christmas

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Happy IELTS Christmas


At this time of year it is common to wish everyone a ‘Happy Christmas’, but what makes people truly happy?


To start, consider some synonyms for ‘happy’ because it is a low level word and needs to be avoided in the IELTS exam.

What are some ways of saying that someone is unhappy?

Do you know of any English idioms that express happiness or unhappiness? (see next blog for suggestions)


We are told that expensive gifts will make our loved ones happy, but do they?presents







Is being with family an opportunity for joy or can it end in misery?


christmas dinner



Does eating lots of food bring happiness?



christmas joy


What brings you joy? Is it different or the same as happiness?





challenge complicated


Can you bring in any conditionals to your answers?


What about some future tenses such as the future perfect?






Wishing you true peace and joy at this time to you and yours.

Ruth xx

christmas nativity

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