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Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS

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Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS


It is always hard to think of harder words for IELTS. Here is a challenge for you.

money 20 pounds

What is the best word or collocation (2 or more words joining together to have a different meaning) you know that you could use to discuss the topic of money?



1.What is another way of saying money that isn’t real?

2. What is another way of saying money that is given to the government by the people regularly?

money piggybank


3. What is a way of saying taking care of your finances?

4. What is a way to say the amount of money that all the people in your home brings each month or year?


money car house

5. What is a way to say what people spend in shops?

6. What is a way to say the amount of tax the Government take from your wages?

7. What is a way to talk about what you agree with a bank to be able to spend money you don’t have yet?

money business


8. What do we call the part of a company who deal with the money?

9. How do we describe the money going in and out of a business?

10. What do we say when a business or household has problems with having enough regular money coming in to cover their expenditure?



challenge complicated


What is another way to say the world money problem?

When might you need to include this phrase? Notice the article used 😉


  1. counterfeit money (n)
  2. taxpayers money (n)
  3. money management (n)
  4. household/family income (n)
  5. consumer expenditure (n)
  6. income tax (n)
  7. credit agreement/arrangement (n)
  8. finance department (n)
  9. company finances (n)
  10. cash flow problems/issues (n)


money global crisis

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