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About Me

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About me

I have more than 20 years of teaching experience, firstly as a Dietitian, teaching nutrition and healthy eating to various groups and ages as well as giving 121 advice. In this job I got my NVQ level 3 in adult education.

Change of Direction

Then God called me to give that up to move to China. I got my TEFL qualification in 2006 and set up a language school with a charity called Action Foundation and then taught in China for a couple of years. It is an amazing place and I loved the people there and their hospitality.

I lived in Shijiazhuang (and you thought English names were tough!), Hebei, China for nearly 3 years. I tried learning Mandarin and so I can understand how tough learning a new language can be, especially as you get a bit older.

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Another Change

On my return to the UK, I resumed teaching at Action Language, as the school had then been established, teaching those from many different nations. After teaching for a year I wrote a formal syllabus for the IELTS course we ran and that has since been rolled out to several language schools around the country.

I’ve been teaching IELTS since 2011 and I love to help my students be the best they can be and achieve their goals in the exam.

Online Venture

So having loved teaching in classes and 121 in person, I’m venturing out in online stuff. Would you like to join me as I reach the global community online, helping you overcome the challenge of IELTS?

Naseem Al-rubaiee

I am a pharmacist from Baghdad. I studied in Action Foundation for about two years and progressed from grade 5.5 (over all) to 7 (over all).
I think you are very helpful teacher, very experienced in IELTS. You are such a kind ,friendly and lovely person. Also your teaching style is perfect and you work on student weakness. The materials you taught us was harder than the exam so when I did the exam it was easier to do which helped me to get good grade. The helpful thing that you did was to do practice classes at the end of each week in addition to teaching style.