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IELTS Listening Practice – archaeology passage

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IELTS Listening Practice - archaeology passage   One of the hardest questions my students have faced in the IELTS listening exam, is the final section where you have an academic monologue - one person speaking about a subject that could be on anything. In this blog, I have found a news piece on archaeology ( [...]

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Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS

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  Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS   It is always hard to think of harder words for IELTS. Here is a challenge for you. What is the best word or collocation (2 or more words joining together to have a different meaning) you know that you could use to discuss the topic of money?     [...]

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IELTS Vocabulary Practice – Tourism

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IELTS Vocabulary Practice - Tourism   Want to push your vocabulary up to above band 7? Do you know the 10 excellent words and collocations to use while describing or discussing the topic of tourism? (Answers below)   One of the problems of a place becoming a tourist h _ _   s _ _ [...]

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IELTS Reading Practice Questions

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IELTS Reading Practice Questions   One of the types of questions my students have found hardest to answer are the Yes/No/Not Given or True/False/Not Given ones. Here is an interesting article and some IELTS reading practice questions I have written. Answers below.   Skim read the passage in about 2 minutes What are [...]

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Describing Festival Celebrations for IELTS

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  Describing Festival Celebrations for IELTS   A very happy Sping Festival and year of the Monkey to all those celebrating at the moment.     You may be asked to describe a festive occasion or a memorial event in Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam.   How would you answer? What excellent words [...]

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