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Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS

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  Vocabulary Challenge for IELTS   It is always hard to think of harder words for IELTS. Here is a challenge for you. What is the best word or collocation (2 or more words joining together to have a different meaning) you know that you could use to discuss the topic of money?     [...]

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IELTS Reading Practice Questions

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IELTS Reading Practice Questions   One of the types of questions my students have found hardest to answer are the Yes/No/Not Given or True/False/Not Given ones. Here is an interesting article and some IELTS reading practice questions I have written. Answers below.   Skim read the passage in about 2 minutes What are [...]

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Grammar Help for IELTS – Clauses

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Grammar Help for IELTS - Clauses   http:// This is a helpful link to describe different clauses and how to use them.   If you need more help with this in your IELTS writing, I have more grammar handouts and support to build sentences, when to use them, linking words, paragraph structures and more. Register [...]

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