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Speaking Options


Speaking Options


If you would like to practice your speaking skills, you can choose from one of the following speaking lessons.

Generally these

  • are topic based
  • will practice 2-3 of the speaking parts of the exam
  • will encourage the more difficult tenses or sentence structures
  • come with a worksheet for practising vocabulary before the class

These will be the same for both Academic and General IELTS exams.Child tv google





4 dialogues google

Lesson 1 – people

Lesson 2 – media

Lesson 3 -technology

Lesson 4 – tourism and travelpacking suitcase

Lesson 5 – the arts

work eager


Lesson 6 – sports and hobbies

Lesson 7 – money and happiness

Lesson 8 – work


pollution rainforestLesson 9 – education

Lesson 10 – protecting the environmenthealth

Lesson 11 – cities and buildings

Lesson 12 – health






If you would like to practice a specific topic not listed here, then ask and one can be designed for you 😉


keep calm and show what you know google