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Writing Correction and Feedback Service

essay-correctorWriting Correction and Feedback Service

Maybe you just need some help with your writing and need to know how to improve. Is that you? Well, send me your work and I can correct it and give you ideas of how to make it better. ūüėČ

What you need to do

1. Register

2.  Add what type of writing correction you want  and pay

3. Receive a link to some of my writing questions – choose one of those or use your own – be sure to write on which question you are answering

5. Upload your written work and the question (find in My Orders and ‘view’ the correct order) or email me your a photo of your work

I will correct and return them to Your Messages in My Account or via email within 72 hours of receiving them.

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£5 per question uploaded corrected


Payment must be received in full before work is returned

Yu Min

Ruth is the best teacher for writing. I would say she knows very well about what the writing essay want you to show, such as score points. And she figures out the structures and useful words for each kind of essays which helps me set up my confidence and helps me find the right direction for IELTS writing. She is a special teacher for she knows how to inspire a student’s potential ability for English writing and learning.

Min Yu